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At Kenneth Jarvis PLLC, we know that having a seasoned financial expert on your team is essential to making informed business decisions. As a Certified Public Accountant with more than 30 years of experience, including over two decades as a CFO and in other senior management roles at small, medium, and large companies, Kenneth Jarvis is an accomplished and trusted financial professional. Unfortunately, the finance industry is not regulated, and anyone can call themselves a CFO, regardless of their expertise. This can put businesses at risk, as inexperienced accountants or bookkeepers may not have the skill set needed to provide strategic financial guidance that drives long-term success. What sets us apart is our team's exceptional corporate and public accounting experience, enabling us to provide personalized solutions that are tailored to your needs. 

Examples of when a business needs a CFO:

  1. The business is growing rapidly and needs help with financial forecasting, budgeting, and cash flow management to sustain that growth.
  2. The business is struggling financially and needs help identifying areas for improvement and implementing a financial turnaround plan.
  3. The business is preparing for a significant event, such as an acquisition, merger, or IPO, and needs financial expertise to navigate the process successfully.
  4.  The business needs to secure funding or raise capital and needs help identifying the best financing options and preparing financial documents and presentations.
  5. The business lacks financial expertise in-house and needs a Fractional CFO to provide guidance, oversight, and support to the accounting and finance teams.
  6. The business is experiencing financial or accounting issues, such as inaccurate financial reporting or internal control weaknesses, and needs help identifying and resolving those issues. 

Services Offered: As your Fractional CFO, Kenneth Jarvis will handle a wide range of financial responsibilities for your business. To give you a better understanding of what a CFO will handle for your business, here’s a list of common responsibilities: 

  • Financial Strategy: Create a long-term plan for your company’s financial growth. 
  • Forecasting: Predict the future of your business and industry with both short-term and long-term forecasting.
  • Budget Management:  Generate a detailed budget. Track the budget against actual expenditures to see if any adjustments need to be made.
  • Analyzing Financial Reports: Examine and interpret financial reports. Use that information to make crucial decisions based on trends.
  • Capital Structure: — Identify the type of financing your company needs and find the best ways to raise capital (banks, investors, VCs, etc.).
  • Cash Flow Management: — Make sure that there is always enough cash on hand for operational purposes. Come up with ways to improve cash flow.
  • Acquisitions and Mergers: Help navigate if your company is being acquired or if you’re acquiring another company.
  • Audit Preparation and Representation: — Represent your business during a third-party audit. Make sure that all your financial documents are accurate and in order. Facilitate internal audits when necessary. 

Pricing: Our pricing is flexible and can be customized to meet your unique needs. But they generally cost about a quarter to half of what you would expect to spend hiring a full-time CFO when you factor in salary, benefits, retirement, taxes, etc. If there is an opportunity to reduce fees, Kenneth Jarvis will assign staff with a lower hourly rate while ensuring that they have the skills and experience necessary to provide exceptional service. We are transparent about our pricing and what is included in each service. We will discuss your specific needs and work with you to ensure that you receive the financial guidance you need at a price that works for you. 

Why Choose Kenneth Jarvis PLLC: Partnering with Kenneth Jarvis PLLC means you'll have a trusted financial advisor who can help you make better business decisions. Kenneth Jarvis has the expertise and experience required to provide strategic financial guidance that drives long-term success. As your Fractional CFO, he will work with you to understand your unique needs, provide tailored solutions, and help you achieve your business goals. With Kenneth Jarvis PLLC on your team, you'll have the confidence to make informed financial decisions that lead to growth and success. Don't risk your business's future by entrusting your finances to an inexperienced accountant or bookkeeper. Choose Kenneth Jarvis PLLC for expert financial guidance that you can rely on.


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